Supply and Logisitcs

They say "Nothing gets there without somone or something to carry it." At Galactic Energy, our backbone of logistics lays with the MISC Freelancer and its variations. This Two crew-member ship is able to haul all types of cargo quickly and efficiently. It can be said that the core of every organization is the MISC Freelancer.

Our logisitcs and supply division uses the Freelancer DUR and the Freelancer Max. Each ship supports a two person crew and is capable of sustained galactic transportation across multiple jump points. The Freelancer comes equiped with some of the best pound for pound araments to inlcude two side mounted cannons, an unmanned turret, and a manned turret as well as other nasties. This ensures that the cost of attacking a Freelancer is far greater than the reward of pirating its goods. BRING IT!

Galactic Energy slots:

Freelancer DUR: Exploration/Supply

Pilot #1: Capatin

Pilot #2: Cargo Handling/ Navigation/Security


Freelancer Max: Supply and Special Cargoes

Pilot #1: Capatin

Pilot #2: Cargo Handling/ Navigation/Security


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