Mining Operations

Galactic Energy is now happy to announce the opening of our mining operations division.

Vessel - RSI Orion

The RSI Orion is mankind’s premiere spatial mining platform, fully compatible with all Mark IV Remote Mining Devices, and featuring an onboard refinery and a system of saddlebag-class storage units.

For advanced mining operations, the RSI Orion is second to none. The Orion carries a crew of up to six, responsible for flight operations, engineering and manning both turrets and pre-installed drone interfaces.

Onboard accommodations, while industrial in style, support all crew for extended duration mining runs. A genuine complete mining solution, a single Orion can locate, identify and extract lucrative ores, or it can be paired with explorers and transports to form the centerpiece of a larger-scale mining operation!

Our Mining operations will be a six member team:

1. Pilot - Geologic Engineer - Captain

2. Co-Pilot - Security Officer - Geologic Enginieer

3. Navigation Specialist - intelligence

4. Communications Specialist - Intelligence

5. Procurment and Aquisition Specialist - Diplomacy

6. Marketing Advisor - Sales Specialist


MISC Prospector:

In addition to the RSI Mining platform, we also own and operate the MISC Prospector.

The MISC Prospector is a single crew mining vessel capable of extracting resources where otherwise the Orion will not go such as planetside mining sites, small asteroids and space debris.

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Orion Mining Platform

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