Exploration Squadron

Welcome to the Exploration Squadron information page.

At Galactic Energy, we dedicate our time to provide the fuel you need when you need it. Part of that vision includes our Exploration Squadron.

The Exploration squadron is directly responsible to the Special Operations Commander.

The Exploration Squadron is a five to six member team. Each member has a specific function in the squad; however, each member can also fulfill the roles of other members. The cross-training allows the squad to function even without all its members.

Members: Constellation Aquila

  • Squadron Commander - Senior Pilot - Senior Scientist
  • Co-Pilot - Navigations - Weapons Systems - Scientist
  • Pilot - Medical Doctor - Scientist - Exploration Specialist
  • Pilot - Away Team - Tactical Officer - Security - Scientist

Members: Freelancer DUR:

  • Pilot - Historical Scientist - Weapons Systems - Navigations
  • Co-Pilot - Tactical Officer - Security Officer

The Exploration Squadron consists of the RSI Constellation Aquila, the MISC Freelancer DUR, the RSI P-52 Merlin security ship, and the RSI Ursa rover.

The Exploration Squadron is reponsible for the following:

  • Search for new fuel supply aquisitions.
  • Search for jump points.
  • Search for resources other than fuel.
  • Search for artifacts and/or planetary lifeforms.
  • Report the location of hostile activity.

If you are interested in our exploration squadron, please contact your local Galactic Energy representative and earn you coin today.


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