Please read these member expectations

Organization Specifications

1. Galactic Energy is a dedicated on-line gaming community commited to players who want to pass their time in the alternate reality of Star Citizen. It is intended for players to hang out, complete missions and belong to a team working for common interests - all giving a sense of realism and quazi role-play. The Infinite Universe will be a huge undertaking, and the Galactic Energy community will bring players together from around the world and provide then the neccessary support so they can have an enjoyable experience on-line. This can be a role play or not, it doesn't matter, all that matters is that you have some fun, meet some people and contribute to the on-line gaming experience.

2. Galactic Energy will start out as an organization at first in order to get the feel of the game and provide players with options of staying with the organization to develope it into a viable coorporation or to go out on there own as freelancers. Unless you have a bad name for yourself, if you choose to leave and venture out on your own, know that Galactic Energy will always have your back if you were a pilot coin holder in the organization. As long as you are in good standing with UEE, you will always be welcome back.

3. The organization has a few simple goals. To provide a place for players to actively engage with the on-line community with support; to provide missions the and means to accomplish them while in the game, and to provide a means of monitary gain for the common interest of the company. As I hinted before, freelancing will always be encouraged and supported and no player is at anytime commited to building the coorporation - unless you really see the value in coorporate cooperation, then of course you will be recommended for a permanent place in the overall structure and will benefit from the profit gained in that cooperative structure as a share holder.

4. Again, I must stress that ultimately, I want a sustainable coorporation and dedicated players to support that effort. I realize that some players will come and go, and as I have stated before, that is fine. Again, your support will be greatly appreciated, and you will always be welcome back if your are in good standing with the UEE.

5. There are some failsafes that I need to put into the game in order to protect my investment and my goals in this game.

  • I am looking for mature players, age is not the point, but maturity is. We will have a standard of conduct in this organization that will be strictly enforced.
  • I am looking for players with time to play and act out role playing concepts if they wish.
  • I am looking for players with real money, while we will help people get started in the game, we do not need charity cases; however, you only need one ship to start this game.
  • We are looking for players with high end systems and communication and game play gear. non-gaming computers will lag the game down. You will be asked to leave the organization until such time as you have a system capable fo running this game.
  • While this is a cooperative gaming environment, it is not a community chat room. Fraternization between players is highly irregular, and personal information shold not be exchanged in this game. Players are protected by the secure nature of this game, and that should not be compromized.
  • Players should be dedicated to Star Citizen. While it's cool to play other video games to take a break, please keep those out of this game. When you are here, it is for Star Citizen only.
  • We have an organizational system that will provide a rank structure. While it's not completely neccessary for game play, we would ask that you follow the rank structure as closely as possible in order to support other players who are reying on that system for their gameplay. The rank structure will help build the community and memebers will be assigned to various wings depending on their interests and locations. Stick to the plan.
  • Reliability: It is extremely important that if you commit to a mission, you must show up for that mission, If you fail to show up for that mission, you will let others who are relying on you down which could lead to termination of your organizational privledges and removal of your pilot's coin. Of course we understand that real world situations come up. If they do, please let someone know in the many forms off communication we will offer you. We don't like bad habits, and personal accountability and reliability is foremost in character judgement. If you say you are going to do it, then do it.
  • Falling out with the UEE. We at Galactic Energy are fully commited to the UEE. Our bread and butter will be made in the UEE; however, saying that, we also understand that there will be a need for you to freelance and perhaps accept missions which would compromize your standing with the UEE and Galactic Energy. Freelancing is ok and encouraged, but If you choose to lower your rating with the UEE, know that it will also lower the rating of the organization, which ultimately someone will have to make up that loss. We frown upon piracy and illegal activities as it takes away from everyone elses game experience. We want a high standing with the UEE, and if you cannot accept that, then this organization is not for you. We canot have players undermining the authority of the command structure...but...
  • A note on above - We also realize that a good organization that wants to profit and succeed in SC must also "deal" with less desireable organizations. There must be a certain balance maintained in the game. In order to accomplish this, communication is paramount. Everyone has their dark side, me too, and I understand my balance, and have found in life, its good to succumb to temptation peridically so you know what good really is. Better rewards have always befallen me when dealing with the good, but illgotten gains have always cost more in the long run than they were worth. My life's lesson. Let me know what you intentions are, and I will support you as best as I can. I know people who deal in such "matters."

If you think that you are able to play under these circumstances, than please apply for a position in our organization. If not, then thank you for making it this far and good luck.

We are currently scheduled to have two web sites as well as a dedicated TeamSpeak Server on-line very soon. We also have Skype and various chats and means of communication.

This site and information will be updated regularly. Look forward to a dedicated site comming soon.


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