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Operation Pitchfork

Join in the fight against the vanduul during the openning days of the persistent universe release.

Search for the Artemis

Welcome to the search for the Artemis.

Join in the search for the Artemis, a cryogenic colony ship launched in the year 2232 and directed at the Gliese system where many presumed a Class M planet resided. Carrying roughly 5,000 colonists hand-picked from over a million hopeful applicants, the Artemis represented the brightest of humanity as they ventured into a new tomorrow.

The stature of the Artemis’ mission saw the Chariot Class vessel come equipped with the latest engine technology of the day, technology that provided the Artemis with c/100 operations and guaranteed her continued operations to her designated destination.

Even with the latest technology the voyage to the Gliese system would last roughly 200 earth years (pre-jump technology) as the automated cryogenic systems of the Artemis preserved the colonists.

To accomplish the journey to the Gliese system the Artemis was equipped with an intelligent A.I. core that had never been seen before. Janus.

With a successful launch the Artemis began her voyage with the hopes and dreams of creating a new beginning on a new world.

Then, she disappeared…

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